Talk'N'Roll Sabre Conference - A Conference like no other

We want to change the stereotype of an IT specialist hidden behind the screens. We aim to show that IT and technology can inspire people to create interesting and ambitious projects. Talk'N'Roll is a Sabre Conference created by Sabre employees for passionate people willing to expand their horizons, learn, and get inspired. Our mission is to provide a first-class non-tech conference and a platform for exchanging ideas and networking among people from all over the world representing diverse cultures and interests.



It is all about people. We are diverse; we are technologists or adventurers, team players, and individualists. We experience, we act, and we share with others. We are all changing the world in different ways.


Technology is a key factor for more and more aspects of our life. It changes us and our surroundings. It allows us to be agile and on the ball. Whether we like it or not, it is everywhere!


No one knows the future, but we should stay curious. It’s essential to be up to date with this constantly evolving world, stay focused on what’s happening around us, and not to miss the increasingly technological train.

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"Expect the unexpected"

The theme of the upcoming conference is "Expect the unexpected". Many things have changed since 2020: we all are still thinking about how recent events will influence our life, future, and habits in the long term.

But unexpected things have always been part of our life and nature, often being not only a source of fun and curiosity but also real game-changers. Our analytical skills help us predict a lot of possible scenarios. Thanks to those abilities, mankind has been able to survive and dominate the modern world. The events of the past two years made us face circumstances that few people - or even no one - could have ever expected. It has been a good lesson that made us all rethink the most important things in life. We now understand that those can disappear without any warning. So maybe we should invest more time and energy in developing skills that can help us adapt quickly to a new, unexpected environment, become more autonomous, and change the status quo.

Sabre Polska - the technological revolution in travel

20 years ago, one of the largest software companies in the market opened its Development Center in Kraków. Sabre, a company that started as a joint initiative between American Airlines and IBM to create the world’s first computerized airline reservation system in 1960, is now a leader in the field of software for the travel and transportation industry. Over many years, the Development Center in Kraków has built a knowledge base of tourism solutions. The technical skills of team members, combined with this knowledge, drive Sabre's business development. At Sabre Polska, around 1500 people create software used by over 400 airlines and 175,000 travel agencies in over 160 countries. Our specialists are responsible for: 

  • the modernization of the company’s technology platform – migration to the cloud-based on micro-services and Google Cloud Platform,
  • main products for the travel agencies – Sabre Red 360, which supports the daily work of many travel agents all over the world, 
  • developing a portfolio of products supporting the operability of airlines – flight planning, crew management, and aircraft servicing or systems maximizing airline profits using analytical data. 

Our combination of projects and company culture is so highly regarded that Sabre Polska has been twice named the best large company to work for in Poland by the Great Place to Work Institute.


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